With a land loan, you have the opportunity to find your architect, builder, and get all the key permits in place before you build.

A land loan is a way to pave the way to the larger investment of your home. Take the time to set up all the details of your construction site, from finding your ideal architect to acquiring every permit you need. By securing the property first, you'll have a great opportunity to personalize your own purchase when you build.

Our mortgage loan officers walk you through the process so that your experience is personal and less confusing. It's also easy to pay your loan off, with automatic recurring payments. Best of all, you'll enjoy direct communication throughout the process—something the bigger banks can't match.

With our land loans, you can:

  • Obtain money quickly to finance your purchase
  • Benefit from a mortgage plan tailored to your personal needs
  • Pay off your loan with automatic payment options
  • Meet with a loan officer to discuss your mortgage plan in depth
  • Enjoy clear communication at every step of the process

Have you found the property of your dreams? Give us a call at (800) 730-6603, or stop by in person and we'll help you finance it.

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